Ultralight Chapter 95

Fostering and encouraging Ultralights and Light Sport Flying in Western, NY.

Rochester Ultrasport Fun Flyers: "RUFF"

The RUFF group is a great group of people with a diverse knowledge of GA aircraft, Light Sport, and Ultralight aviation. The group has members that are newbies to people that have been flying for 40+ years. A high percentage of our members have built their own kit planes and some have built many planes. Our meetings are informal and anyone interested in flying or learning to fly Ultralights or light sport aircraft is encouraged to attend.

For more information, contact Jon Arney at jarney@rochester.rr.com, (585) 334-8548.


2017:  October meeting is at the Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY, at 3:00 pm.

Some of our member's aircraft:

Many of our members have built their own aircraft and some have built many aircraft and some can't stop building them! Here are just a few pics of some of our member aircraft:

Tom Forster and his Rans:

Jon Arney and his Kolb:

George Charnitski and his CGS Hawk:

Ramp Check?!?!   What to do if stopped by Law Enforcement

AOPA has been writing a lot on Homeland Security conducting ramp checks and taking airplanes apart without any announcement as to why they are doing it.  AOPA put out a handout/knee board on  how to react if it happens.  Click Here for a copy of the AOPA is what they sent. 

RUFF Associates:

These are links to our associated EAA Chapters in Western, NY:


EAA 1017  HERE.



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